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Top 6 Gourmet Restaurants In Australia


Australia is a place where people of different cultures live together. So, you will find a variety of restaurants here. There are many people out there who prefer going to a gourmet restaurant rather than a normal one for the quality food and outstanding customer service.

Here we have picked some of the best gourmet restaurants in Australia where you can have the finest dining experience.


This restaurant has been in operation for the past decade. They now focus on serving food for the indigenous people of Australia, so you will find lots of indigenous and traditional dishes here.

The meal usually starts with the local fruit and then followed by the main course. There are lots of beverages as well that goes with the food.


In this restaurant, you will find home-style menus that are made from Australian products. The staff here have excellent knowledge about the ingredients and food preparation. You will get unique drinks too.


Once you enter this restaurant, all your senses will be triggered. It’s a well-decorated restaurant that serves mouthwatering dishes. The various dishes have a sharp flavour and you will love it. It will be an enlightening experience for you to visit this restaurant.


If you want a sensational journey, then you must visit Brae. Here you get the opportunity to stay overnight at their designer suits. It has a glass-fronted kitchen, so you can observe the chefs preparing the dishes with high standards.

There is a courtyard wood oven where bread and other things are baked. The restaurant has its vegetable garden and they raise chickens as well. They use fresh produce in preparing different dishes, with a huge collection of wine.

You will have a memorable experience here as you will be able to learn a lot of things about food besides tasting it.


You will get a complete fine dining experience here. It is located in a beautiful location. There is a nice park in front, so you will have a nice view. The environment inside is comfortable and casual.

Here you will find mussels, dumplings, custard, and other delicious dishes. You will find a list of wine which will help you to select wine for every dish.


Diner by Blumenthal

It is a British cuisine that has been in operation for several years now. It is a perfect place for any special event. You will have a lovely experience in this gourmet restaurant. It is a grand restaurant with large windows and a glass-covered kitchen. You will find lots of meat menus here. You will have a fun time here.

If you visit Australia, you should have lunch or dinner at these restaurants. You will not only enjoy the food made from fresh produce but will also love the décor and environment.

Though these restaurants are a bit costly, it’s worth going there. You will have a memorable dining experience there.