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Food is a form of art and nowadays people invest a lot of time in food. More new restaurants are opening up with unique menus to attract guests. There are TV shows that show gourmet restaurants and how they prepare special food. All these have increased the interest in having good food for any occasion. So, you will see nowadays that even gourmet restaurants are packed with people during peak hours, despite their high cost. Gourmet restaurants are special restaurants that serve high-quality food to customers. They use high-quality ingredients to ensure that guests can eat the best food. To know more about gourmet restaurants, you can read the following books.

Smart Casual

By – Alison Pearlman Gourmet restaurants have transformed over the years. In the past, it meant restaurants with big chandeliers, well-decorated tables, and scant food. But now, gourmet restaurants mean high-quality ingredients which include home-made ketchup, organic vegetables, and all the good stuff you can think of. It has become more of a homey cuisine rather than something glitzy and glamorous. In this book, you will know about the success of various gourmet restaurants and the reasons behind it.

The Paris Gourmet

By – Trish Deseine The book is written by a former cooking show host, so you will get first-hand knowledge about Paris gourmet food from this book. Here you will learn now ingredients are selected for preparing gourmet food as well as lots of good recipes. The author talks about the etiquette that you need to learn to go to these restaurants so that you can attend parties and organize them conveniently as well.


By – Mauro Colagreco The author is the owner of one of the top restaurants in the world ‘Mirazur’. It is a French restaurant that is often ranked the top by various travel magazines. Here you will get lots of mouth-watering recipes from the author and also learn about the author’s opinion about the restaurant. The book is full of beautiful pictures of dishes. By reading these amazing books, you will not only be able to learn about the various gourmet restaurants in the world but also know lots of good recipes that you can try out at home.